Medicaid members are required to recertify

During the COVID pandemic and aftermath, Medicaid recipients were not required to recertify for medical coverage. As of this year, all recipients must recertify or risk losing all benefits.

Mrs. Alvester Barfield, a representative for the Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center, also known as (SWLAHEC) has been working to inform all Medicaid members of this requirement. “The Department of Health and Hospitals has been mailing monthly recertification notices to those with terminating certification. My job is to reach out to all of these people and urge them to respond to the letters immediately”. Barfield said that phone calls, text messages, and emails are sent regularly to people at risk of losing Medicaid/CHIP coverage. “Anyone who receives a letter needs to take it seriously.”

In addition to reaching out to people, Barfield has also distributed cards and flyers at food distributions and the parish rodeo. She addressed the Police Jury to hand out cards and will continue to attend community events.

There are several ways to update contact information to ensure all information is correct for correspondence.
1. Online at
2. Email at
3. Call 1-888-342-6207 or call your health plan as indicated on the insurance card

For more information, visit for Medicaid renewal.