Lawson captured after 32-year manhunt

This week a 32-year manhunt for a Bienville man ended. Greg Lawson was extradited from Mexico to the United States after being on the run. Documents report that a tip given to the FBI in New Orleans led to the capture of Lawson. Lawson was convicted of attempted murder by a jury but fled the courthouse before he served any time.

In 1991, what started as a fistfight between Lawson and Seth Garlington, also a Ringgold resident, ended as a shootout in the parking lot. Court documents indicate Lawson forced Garlington’s vehicle off the highway, and a fight began. Witnesses said they quickly brought out guns and started shooting. Garlington was shot, but he survived.

The Bienville District Attorney brought the case to a grand jury and arrested Lawson, set a trial, and it was moved to Claiborne Parish, Homer, Louisiana. When the jury returned from deliberation, they were carrying a guilty verdict. Greg Lawson, however, decided not to stick around to hear the verdict read aloud in court. His truck was found a block away. For 32 years his whereabouts were a mystery.

Lawson was apprehended Tuesday in Huatulco, Mexico in a joint effort with FBI and Mexican Immigration Officials.