Sports security policy for RRPSB

A Letter from the Red River Parish Public Schools Safety and Security Coordinator, Suzanne Gallier:

Dear Community Members,
The Red River High School Administration is diligent in its efforts to provide the safest and most secure sporting facilities possible! We are counting on our parents, fans, friends, and extended families to support and encourage others in this extremely important and necessary effort. The safety of our athletes, student body, and all attendees is the number one priority of this Administration. To succeed in this endeavor, we are strictly enforcing past procedures as well as new procedures which have been implemented in the abundance of caution. Please pay attention to the posted signs advising you of what you are allowed and not allowed to bring inside the sporting facilities. There will be no exceptions to these rules. The Red River Parish School Administration looks forward to seeing everyone have fun, be loud, and support a safe and secure environment. Please enjoy watching the hard work these athletes have endured to represent the Bulldogs as a force to be reckoned with, which they certainly are! LET’S GO BULLDOGS!!!
Suzanne Gallier
Safety and Security Coordinator