Local Sports Star’s Triumph

Monday was a sports milestone for Red River Parish.  On that date, Coushatta native Joe Bill Adcock set a record that stood for over 48 years in major league baseball. 

It was July 31, 1954  at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, Joe Adcock borrowed teammate Charlie White’s bat to blast four home runs and a double and help crush the Brooklyn Dodgers 15-7. Adcock’s MLB record of 18 total bases in a single game stood for 48 years.

Adcock played for the Milwaukee Braves beginning with their move from Boston on March 18, 1953.  The Braves were to later relocate to Atlanta in 1966. 

It took 48 years for the Dodgers to get their revenge.  Shawn Green of the Los Angeles Dodgers broke Adcock’s record in 2002.  He did it against Milwaukee, the city Adcock had played in.  And he did it on behalf of the Dodgers, the team (then in Brooklyn) that Adcock did it too.

Gil Hodges, for the Brooklyn Dodgers had set the previous record at 17 total bases in 1950.  Adcock took the record away from Hodges in 1954.