A Long and Winding Road

By Journal Publisher John Brewer

A friend from church asked me where I had been the past week.  Well, I was on a road trip to New Mexico.  So, I thought I would let you in on all the “FUN.”

I left here on Tuesday, June 6th. Driving in my 59-year old Mustang convertible.  Sally, the Mustang did just fine. On Friday morning June 9, 2023 I proudly raised the Shreveport Mustang Club flag at the National Mustang Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

It was a long drive, about 880 miles to get there. And a very long Thursday cleaning and polishing in the hotel parking lot. Due to a miscalculation, I had parked within range of the sprinklers that bring a touch of green to a perched land. I am sure the grass appreciated it more than Sally did!

More cleaning Friday at the show site, the Balloon Festival Park in Albuquerque.  All 300 car owners cleaned and polished and sweated to the oldies blaring on the PA system.

Thanks to several lotions and potions that Donna and other Shreveport club members had suggested all the water spots and pollen came off. Yes, there was pollen aplenty. Everything is blooming out here. They have received much  more rainfall than usual. And the hills are alive with the green of vegetation.

It was a great trip.  It was an occasion to renew old friendships, like Steve who drove his Shelby all the way from Illinois.  I got to see the “Cadillac Ranch” just west of Amarillo on I-40.  I got ribs at my favorite rib joint, Bodacious in Marshall.  The baked salmon salad at the Pyramid Hotel was first rate.  And the spectacular view of the plains and mountains made the trip worth it.

Now all I have to do is spend a day getting the bugs off my old Mustang.  Then Start getting ready for the next road trip in September.