Are You Missing the News? Not You!

An Editorial by Journal Publisher John Brewer

Are you missing the local news?  Does social media let you down on reliable reporting?  And how many times do you see something that you really would have liked to attend ONLY AFTER it was over?

Email subscribers to the Journal don’t miss a thing, but…

The most popular social media sites decide what you will or will not see and when you will see it!
The Journal’s motto is “Simple and Free” because we present local parish news in a simple to read format and we never charge for a subscription.  In addition, we do not gather a bunch of information about you, just your name and email.  The Journal limits the exposure of our readers to outside websites, social media sites, etc. unless the Journal has verified the site first.

You are getting the latest local news if you get the Journal’s email updates.  If not, please let your family and friends know that the Journal is the most reliable,  and the most popular source for local news.  Even if they’ve moved to Timbuktu they can keep up with news from home.  And it is always free to subscribe.  CLICK HERE and give it a try.