Pubic School Students Of The Month For April

The Red River Elementary Student is NySkia Brisker.  NySkyia is an excellent example of a fantastic first grader. She is always willing to help others, specifically by encouraging others to do the “right thing” and earn their Bulldog bucks for the bulldog store. She is dependable and has a heart to make others happy. As a teacher I never have to worry about her behavior or her giving her best effort. She always works very hard no matter the task. She takes her time to double check herself on her work. She continues to make smart choices like being respectful, being honest, and following directions! NySkyia is a sweet and kind student to everyone. She is such a wonderful student to teach! She was nominated by Mrs. Tingle.

The Red River Academic Academy student is Gabrielle Bush.  She is an outstanding student and an absolute joy to teach. She takes care of her business and completes her work daily. She is attentive and engaged in our classroom lessons. She is kind and a friend to all. Gabrielle has a peaceful, kind demeanor. She is very quiet in the classroom and is always earning positive points for her great behavior. Her dedication to completing her work helps to motivate others around her. I am very proud of Gabrielle. I know that she will continue to excel for years to come.  Gabrielle was nominated by Mrs. Bumgardner.

Trinitie Heyl is the Red River Junior High Student of the Month.  Trinity is a great student. She is very respectful towards her teachers and peers. Trinity makes sure she is on time and completes all of the tasks she is assigned to do. Trinity is very concerned about her classmates and just loves being with her peers. She promotes school pride and always does the right thing. I am honored to recommend her because she is a natural leader. Trinity is always looking for ways to improve daily. She is honest and hardworking. I have not seen one day pass by where Trinity is not smiling.  Trinity is not afraid to speak up when she feels like something is not right. She remains respectful but is always trying to make her school a better place for all students. We are blessed to have such a great student. I wish we had more students like her at RRJH. She was nominated by Coach Gary.

The Red River High Student of the month is Keyon Johnson.  I would like to nominate Keyon Johnson for student of the month. I have enjoyed teaching Keyon this year. He is always smiling when I see him every morning. Keyon always completes his assignments and goes above and beyond to work his best. Keyon is very respectful and well mannered. I have enjoyed him as a part of my class. Keyon is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. I am proud to have Keyon represent Red River High School as student of the month. He was nominated by Patience Danzy.

The Student of the Month is a community service of Coushatta’s Veterans Service Organization, VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287.  Comrade Lee Rodgers represented the VFW in the presentation of the certificates.  In cooperation with Lott Oil/Chevron, the VFW honors students each month from parish schools during the school year.