Planning a BBQ Cook-Off

By Jason B riggs, Alderman, Village of Hall Summit

We came up with the idea of the BBQ cook-off to draw attention to our little village again.

After the Hall Summit school closed things just started going downhill for the Village. The last business in town closed a few years back, and the previous administration was okay with everything closing. Well, I was elected in January and this newly elected team is looking to change things. We are hosting different events to draw attention to our great little village.

We had our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt the weekend before Easter and had over 500 people come out to support Hall Summit. People miss the good old days, and we plan on bringing that feeling back, to bring the community back together.

The village of Hall Summit used to have The Good Ole Days festival and we are trying to bring that festival back too.

The problem is we have no business in town, so that’s means no funding for all the events. We need everyone’s support, donations, and help. Help bring the Village of Hall Summit back to life.

The village of Hall Summit has set up a PayPal account for donations at @hallsummitevents.