April Students Of The Month

The local Veterans of Foreign Wars and Lott Oil/Chevron recognized the public school Students of the Month at the April School Board Meeting on Monday.  Each student was presented with a certificate and gift card.

School Superintendent Alison Strong called each student to the front and read their nomination statement from their teacher.  Strong began with Lelsi Levi from Red River Elementary School.

The nomination read:  Kelsi is a fabulous 5th grader at RRES. Kelsi has shown an enormous amount of growth since the start of the year. Her reading, writing and math levels have shown significant gains. Kelsi is even showing her creativity by creating hand signals  that will assist her and her peers with understanding math and ELA. She has found confidence in writing and in her overall ability. The phrase “I can’t” has been eliminated from her vocabulary. She gathers her materials to begin a task and cleans up very well afterwards. Anyone who knows Kelsi, knows she loves to smile and joke. She can always find humor within the day. Kelsi loves her school and classroom family. She was nominated by Ms. Clay.

Next up was Marco Lewis from the Red River Academic Academy.  Strong read the nomination from his teacher, Intha Fields:  From day one, I was in love with Marco.  I loved his friendly character, his work ethic, his humor, and most of all, his kindness.  With Marco in the room, you can’t help but be in a good mood. He constantly encourages his classmates not to give up, but to learn from their mistakes. Marco is determined to be successful. He motivates everyone around him to be their best self, including me! I can best sum up Marco and his awesomeness with this quote:  There’s light even in the darkest places, and his name is Marco Lewis.

The Student of the Month from Red River Junior High was Jeremiah Sanders.  His nomination read: 

I would like to recommend Jeremiah Sanders for Red River Junior High School Student of the Month. Jeremiah makes my heart smile each time I encounter him. I often witness the way he cares for his peers and how he greets the staff daily. We have watched this young man exceed every goal that was set before him. When he first came to Red River Junior High, the goal was to have him move with limited support from staff with the use of his walker. Today we are asking, “What walker?” Jeremiah is determined and self-motivated. He gives 100% effort in everything that he does. We are so proud of him here at Red River Junior High School. Honestly, he has been an inspiration to us all here, watching him progress and strive to be the best student he can possibly be. He was nominated by Mrs. Lillie McDonald.

And the Red River High Student of the Month was Zachary Jordan.  His nomination read:  Zachary possesses a thirst for knowledge and desire to master any skill he is asked to learn. He is always one of the first students dressed in and ready to learn every morning. He works well individually or in a group and always does his best to complete the assigned tasks. Zach is responsible  and a team player.  He keeps a smile on his face and encourages others to do their best. Zach has helped on multiple projects that have benefited our campus by making it a safer and more desirable school environment. He is an asset in every way possible to the RRHS welding program. He was nominated by Mr. Ricky Strong.

VFW member Guy Breider represented Post and Auxiliary 7287.  Each month the local VFW and Auxiliary salute a student from each school in the parish.  They each receive a gift card and certificate to indicate their achievement.