A Gift of Information

It would seem that just about everybody wants to know what is going on.  It would also seem that many people miss out on local events.

You may help remedy that situation with a gift of information.

What better Christmas present than to assure that a friend or family member is able to stay informed of news, sports and events in the parish.

This Christmas give a subscription to the Red River Parish Journal.

Then every Wednesday and every Friday morning they will receive the latest events of people and places in the parish.  And of the accomplishments of friends who have left the parish.  We call them Red River Alumni.

How you say?  And at what cost?  Back in the 1970’s Archie Bunker and “All In The Family” was the big rage on TV.  Archie was, among other things, a great philosopher.  A favorite quote of Archie’s, “If it don’t cost nutting youse can afford to be generous.”

And you can afford to give a subscription to the Journal.  There is no cost.  The Journal is advertiser supported, so patronize our sponsors and we’ll bring you the news.

The Journal is the perfect size, the perfect color, a great appearance, and the price, now that is nice.

CLICK HERE and sign them up!

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