Time to Fall Back

Sunday morning early while most of us should be asleep Daylight Saving Time will come to an end.  And our sleep will be shrunk by an hour as we revert to Central Time.

NBC News reported that the change often renews the longstanding debate about the tradition. In March, the Senate weighed in, unanimously voting in favor of the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make daylight saving time permanent year-round for all states but Hawaii and most of Arizona, which would continue to observe year-round standard time. But the bill has stalled in the House.

The National Conference of State Legislatures said, “State legislatures have considered at least 450 bills and resolutions in recent years to establish year-round daylight saving time as soon as federal law allows it. Much of the legislation would stop the disruption-causing, twice-yearly clock switching. Inherent in the debate is whether to enact either permanent standard time or permanent daylight time. The federal Uniform Time Act allows the former option but not the latter. A CBS News poll in March 2022 found that 46% of U.S. residents preferred daylight saving time all year round, 33% preferred standard time year-round and 21% were okay continuing to clock switch twice a year.”

Regardless of the conversations sparked by the twice yearly ritual of resetting clocks, we will fall back an hour at 2:00 am (DST) this Sunday morning.  So set the clock back before going to bed and don’t be late for church.

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