After They Move Out, What?

The Red River Parish School Board is considering what to do with the old Administration Building and several other buildings on Alonzo Street.  This month the move is being made to the new Administration Building located on Bulldog Drive.

The subject came up at the last board meeting and was tabled at the request of one board member.  Cleve Miller asked that the issue be taken under consideration for a month to give more time to study it.

The plan, revealed at the October Board Meeting is to sell all of the buildings being vacated to the Red River Parish Police Jury.  Finance Director David Jones told the board that the police jury is willing to pay the appraised value.  He added that since it is being sold to another government entity there is no need for putting the buildings up for bids.  The total purchase of three buildings comes to $350,500.

Superintendent Alison Strong told the board that the police jury would use the buildings to replace some of their buildings that are falling down.  She said, “If we can help another government entity, why not.  They are willing to pay appraised value.  They have some Covid money to use for buildings.  And it will help us because we would put the money back into our construction fund.”

Board Member Gene Longino said, “I feel that this could benefit the parish, but it feels like we’re being rushed into this.  Then Board Member Clive Miller made the motion to table for a month.

The issue will be discussed at the November board meeting.

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