Fire Board Adjusts Meeting Time

At their monthly meeting on Monday, the Red River Fire Board voted to adjust the time of their monthly meeting to accommodate work schedules of several members.  The meetings will remain on the second Monday of each month.  The meeting time will be moved to 3:00 pm instead of the present 10:00 am.

Other business dealt with continuing financial adjustments as the board continues to recover from a prior year deficit and delayed or deferred repairs to facilities and equipment.

The board will amend the annual budget at the November meeting.  In the interim, Chief John Woodfin was given the OK to continue needed maintenance to firefighting vehicles.  There will also be some upgrading of the fire department computers.

The board discussed resolution of an old invoice to Verizon for service not longer received.  And also, they decided to do business locally for worker’s comp insurance.

The board voted to terminate a land lease agreement with local businessman John Paul.  For years the fire department leased land for a communications tower.  With construction of the new fire station in 2018 that tower was no longer needed. 

When the new fire board took over at the beginning of this year, the fire department was a couple of years behind on the lease payments.  Those back payment were made earlier this year, however there are still lease payments due each month.  The lease would run several more years.  The lease has a termination clause and on motion of board member Bill Jones the board decided to give the 30-day notice required and end the lease.  The board also decided to remove the unused tower from the leased land as soon as possible.