Huge Turnout For Joe Boy Day

They crowded the arena from morning until into the night Saturday at Red River Cowboy Church. It was the 17th annual Joe Boy Day team roping event.

These are the results for Joe Boy Day:

12 slide- 186 teams

1st- Matt Scogins  and Austin Ford

2nd- Josh Burns and Landon Smith

3rd- Wade Leone and Cody Hogan

4th- Matt Scogins and Jacup Dixon

5th- Cyle Denison and Cody Hogan

6th- Tommy Wisby and Landon Smith

#9- 258 teams

1st- Chance McDonald and Jake Brice

2nd- Wade Hoffpauir and Huel Willis

3rd- Justin Stickells and Jake Brice

4th- Chance Birkicht and Bobby Pate

5th- Veronica Coleman and Jake Brice

6th- Chris Busby and Kyle Yocum

#7- 75 teams

1st- David Johnson and Teagan Hill

2nd- Jessie White and Landon Thrasher

3rd- Jessie White and Kevin Dollar

4th- Raven Johnson and Lori Slay