Former Mayor, Coach and Educator’s Services Saturday

Services will be held Saturday, September 24th at 11:00 am for former Coushatta Mayor Archie Worsham.  He died on September 14th.

Worsham served the town most of his life as a coach, teacher and principal in the local school system.  Worsham served many years in the military.  And he was also a member of the town council and Mayor of Coushatta.

School Board Superintendent Alison Strong recalled Worsham’s career in teaching youth in the parish.  Strong said, “Archie Worsham was not only a great teacher, coach, and leader, but a great man. His love and commitment to our parish was evident in the years of service he gave to the children and residents of Red River.”

Strong added, “We have been blessed by Mr. Archie for many years and he will be missed by all.  On behalf of the Red River Parish School Board family, I would like to extend our heartfelt prayers for comfort in the days to come.”

Concerning his years in local government, Coushatta Mayor Johnny Cox praised Worsham’s leadership.  Cox said, “We pause to remember the great leadership characteristics of our fallen brother, the Honorable Archie Worsham.  He set a pristine example of governance in his long term role as Mayor of our beloved Coushatta, LA.  Mayor Worsham set an admirably high bar of performance in leading Coushatta to new heights in the local community and beyond.  Trophies of his accomplishments in this position can be found throughout the community and will long remain benchmarks of progress in the years to come.” 

And Mayor Cox added, “My sincere condolences to his family and we petition the Creator to bless them with a peace of mind even in the midst of this time of loss of a man among men.  May his soul rest in peace and may the citizenry of Coushatta honor his legacy by uniting to make our community a better locale for all.”

Archie Worsham is best known in recent years for his daily walks through the town carrying a bucket and grabber stick.  While getting his daily exercise, Worsham would pick up litter on the streets and sidewalks.

Worsham is seen here with wife Emily receiving an historic football from his days as a coach.  The ball was presented by Red River High at a football game in September of 2021.