Educators Rising – Changing the Face of Teaching

By Renee Hester

According to a recently released educator workforce report, Louisiana’s teacher workforce suffers from various ills, including a 30% drop in the ranks of aspiring teachers. Kim Hunter Reed, Commissioner of Higher Education, said, “At a time when the premium on knowledge is higher than ever, we face a teacher shortage, with fewer students preparing to be teachers.” 

In light of these shortages, the Louisiana Department of Education created the Pre-Educator pathway, whose vision is to develop the next generation of teachers.

The Louisiana Pre-Educator Pathway seeks to provide a clear path in every school district for students who intend to pursue a career in education. The ultimate mission of this “Grow your own” initiative is to cultivate highly skilled educators by guiding young people toward becoming accomplished teachers.

Red River High School adopted the Educators Rising curriculum, which begins in high school and extends through college and provides strong foundational academic knowledge, skills, and education-focused coursework that builds an understanding of the learning environment.

Consequently, local education boards are challenged with seeking more diversity in the classroom in a state where 73% of teachers are white, and 23% are Black. Moreover, white women comprise 60% of teacher ranks, and Black males only 5%.  Educators Rising is changing the face of teaching by working with aspiring educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and are passionate about serving through public education.  These students are the future educational leaders of Red River Parish Schools.


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