A Celebration of Service

Recently BC Bank, the Bank of Coushatta celebrated 45 years of service by Vice President and Cashier Martha Thomas.  The bank said, “Thank you, Martha, for letting BC Bank be a part of your family. Both you and Greg bring great joy with you to work every day. 

Martha started at BC Bank a few day before she graduated from Coushatta High School. When she started checking accounts didn’t have account numbers. We posted by “signature.”

Thomas later assigned account numbers and a few years later the bank moved to a machine that read account numbers to post them electronically.  Later, she transferred across the lobby and worked in operations.

Then in the 1990s, She moved to the teller window, and from there the bank brought her into the loans department.

With the retirement of Mr. Bobby Gahagan who had served as the Cashier of BC Bank for over 30 years, she was elected to that Position.  Currently Martha Thomas serves as Vice-President and Cashier.

“I’ve seen a lot, and done a lot, and learned a lot,” said Thomas.  She added, “Since my mother’s passing in 2002, I’ve done my best to care for my brother (Greg, pictured left) and am blessed to be able bring him to work with me. I’m thankful that the bank has welcomed him and been so supportive of us.”

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