February VFW Students Of The Month

On Monday afternoon Red River Schools and the local VFW Post and Auxiliary honored students from each public school in the parish.  The students were introduced to the School Board and audience by Superintendent Alison Strong.  Guy Breider represented the VFW in making the presentation.

From Red River Elementary School:

McKinley Owens is an outstanding First Grader. She is always happy to come to school! She is the first one who comes in the morning and gives me a hug to start the day. She has a warm personality and infectious smile. She is always eager and excited to do her work and participates in class. She shows leadership skills by assisting her classmates and finishes her work quickly. She has outstanding behavior and is kind to others. I am thankful to have such a model student in my classroom. (Submitted by her teacher, Caroline Doughty)

From Red River Academic Academy:

What can I say about Shawn Ward, known as Sweet Shawn? I should start by explaining his nickname.  I call him my Sweet Shawn because he has such a sweet and giving heart. He is one of the most compassionate students I have ever taught.  He wants to be successful but it’s just as important to him that his classmates are successful with him. He is always the first student to offer to help anyone. Shawn is a hard worker and has such a great work ethic. He knows things aren’t always going to be easy for him at school, but he is willing to keep at it until he gets it. I have seen so much growth in him this year. Shawn is a great example of a great student.  I’m so proud to be a part of his journey. (Submitted by his teacher, Sherry Pickett)

From Red River Junior High School:

Samantha Taylor is an 8th grade student who works very hard to achieve her goals. Her work ethic is outstanding, and she is always working hard to make sure that the content that she delivers is her absolute best.  Samantha is also always ready to lend a helping hand to any of her fellow classmates.  Any time that she sees another student struggling, she strives to make sure that they are given assistance in any way that she can.  Samantha is such a joy to teach and makes us prouder with each day that passes.  (Submitted by Principal JC Davis)

From Red River High School:

Casey Davis is one of the most helpful students in his Biology AP class.  He is the first person to get up to help one of his classmates who is struggling. Often times he gets up to help me pass out materials to the class before I even think to ask for help.  He always has a good attitude about my class and takes personal responsibility for his learning and work, even when absent.  Casey is definitely one of those students that has a positive impact on the mood in the whole class.  (Submitted by teacher Nikki Smith)

Note: Casey Davis was not present for the presentation at the School Board Monday night.  His certificate was presented by Principal JC Dickey at school the next day.

The VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287 honor the students of the month each month from schools in the parish with a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen.  For more information on the Student of the Month program, please call the VFW at 932-6557.

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