Anniversary of Camp Grant Walker

For many years 4-H members have flocked to central Louisiana and Camp Grant Walker for summer camp and other events.  The camp in recent years was rebuilt following storms that did considerable damage.

Camp Grant Walker is back.  4-H has said they are holding a celebration.  “Our 4-H Summer camp, Camp Grant Walker, has been hosting 4-Hers for many years!  Our theme this year is 100 years!” said Louisiana 4-H.

State 4-H posted the picture you see above.  They called it Flashback Friday! Here is another great photo from 1939 showing the original, screened camper bunkhouses constructed by the Works Progress Administration of Louisiana.  These cabins stood until 1981, when the new, fully enclosed bunkhouses were built.

Members of 4-H in Red River interested in taking advantage of the camps and other adventures offered at the camp should contact the parish 4-H office at 932-4342.