Principal Is All Smiles

From Red River High Principal JC Dickey

My parish has posted our new school performance scores, so now it’s my turn to brag on all my teachers, staff, and students that have been a part of Red River High the last 4 years because you all have had a part of our growth. 

I became the principal of RRHS 4 years ago and we had a starting School Performance Score of 75.7 C and 4 years later we get to celebrate a 20 point gain with a 95.9.  We would be an A school for the first time in school history, but the state decided not to recognize letter grades this year.  But we will still celebrate.  When other parishes took steps backwards we made leaps forward.

So let me brag on our school and what they accomplished the last 4 years. We had growth in ACT, Leap 2025 Progress, Graduation Rate, and Strength of Diploma.  We also had one of the highest Graduation percentages in the state with 96.3.

So, when people outside of Red River Parish  bash my school, I get mad because they are ignorant of what goes on and don’t know our kids and our employees.  All they see is a rural title 1 school where the minority is the majority.  Well now I want them to know 95.9 with some of the best facilities in the state, better take a closer look.

We are not satisfied because we still have room to grow, we know our Leap 2025 assessments are still low, but all that shows me is when we get those on track with our other scores the sky is the limit.  

Now I have the privilege to be the principal of the junior high too and they also had a 5 point increase this year and I know that with the teachers and staff we have and how hard they are working we will soon make huge strides as well.  Grateful to work with them to reach this goal. 

Red River Proud, it can be done, but we still have a long way to go.  GO BULLDOGS.

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