Round 1? No Problem!

By Christy Suggs

Friday night the Dawg Pound was alive with excitement as the Bulldogs took on the Rayville Hornets in the 1st round playoff game. The Bulldogs received the ball to start the game. The Dawgs trying to set the tone for the game made a huge error on the second play of the drive with a fumble. This forced the bulldog defense to stop a drive already started in the Dawgs territory. The defense did not fall under the pressure, created a forced fumble that was picked up by Terrell Gary and ran in for touchdown.  Bulldog fans went wild!!! This play made the Top 5 plays of the night on KTBS Friday Night Fever. The Hornet’s next drive ended shortly with another fumble recovered by the Dawgs. The RR Bulldogs ended their offensive drive with a 13 yard jet pass that was run in for a touchdown by Antron Williams. This made the 1st quarter score 14-0 with over 6 and half minutes to still play. Again the Bulldogs defense stopped the Hornets forcing them to punt. The punt being very short gave the Bulldogs field position in the Hornet’s zone. One the first play, D’Evin McDonald ran a 49 yard touchdown off another jet pass, making the score 21-0. The Bulldog’s defense, still hot, got a huge sack on fourth down giving the ball back to the offense on the Hornet’s 47 yard line. A deep bomb from Tre Smith to Antron Williams resulted in a touchdown that was 47 yards. This ended the 1st quarter RR 28 Rayville 0.

The Bulldogs defense forced the Hornets to punt. This punt was a line drive straight to Trent Grigg who ran in for a 32 yard touchdown bringing the score to 35 to 0. The Hornets drive again resulted in a punt. The Bulldogs took full advantage, scoring once more with a 1 yard run from Lenard Mosely. (RR 41-0). Bulldogs scored once more before the half with a 16 yard pass completed for a touchdown by Antron Williams. This left about 1 min before halftime allowing the Hornets to finally score. Teams went to the lock rooms with a score of 48-6.

Starting the half the Bulldogs kicked off to the Hornets. Nearing the end zone the Hornets tried for a pass, this resulted in an INT by Terrell Gary. This interception was caught in the endzone giving the Bulldogs the ball on their 20 yard line from a touchback.  A bad snap on a field goal attempt gave the ball back to the Hornets.  On a fumble by the Hornets the Dawgs are given the ball back on the Hornets 22 yard line.  The Bulldogs turned over the ball via a fumble by freshman Mon’trevieon Smith.  The Hornet’s scored on a 19 yard passing touchdown and a 2 point conversion bringing the score to 48-14.  On fourth down, the Dawgs attempted a field goal but was slightly right and missed. The Hornets were given the ball back but did not score because of time. Final score was RR 48- Rayville 16. 

Head Coach Jeff Harper had the following to say about the game. “I am very proud of how well our team played Friday night. We were physical, forced multiple turnovers, scored in all 3 phases and put Rayville away early with 48 first half points. The fast start allowed our coaches to get the younger guys meaningful playoff experience that will benefit our program moving forward. The atmosphere was great and I’m glad our seniors got one more home game.  This week we play #8 Rosepine (10-1) on the road. We will need another great week of practice to be successful.”

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