Motivational Speaker Got Students Moving

Dr. Fairest Hill came to Red River Schools Wednesday and Thursday.  Dr. Hill is a longtime advocate for students to reach their full potential regardless of any barriers placed in front of them. 

The Journal observed Hill in action at Red River Elementary Thursday morning.  He was upbeat, enthusiastic, and all over the gym.  Hill got the students up, moving and singing.  But it all had a message.

For the elementary students Hill use songs and cheers to get across his point.  They cheered for the elementary school to be an A+ school.  It went like this, “form C to B, and from B to A, this year we are going for A+”

The youngsters were challenged to learn and graduate from high school.  Go further, he said and go to college.  Hill’s ABCs to success were cheered from the bleachers in the gym.  Students shouted and sang and competed for a coveted prize, a box of Cracker Jack.  To win the prize they had to repeat three of the 5 ABCs to Success.  They are 1) Attitude, 2) Behavior, 3) Concentration, 4) Determination, and 5) Education.

All of the public schools were entertained and educated with his messages and through music on both campuses. Dr. Hill also provided an evening of music and learning on Thursday at 6:00 pm at Red River Elementary for Title I Parent Engagement evening.

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