Head Start Day at the Park

Red River Head Start children enjoyed the town park on Thursday.  The three- and four-year-olds took over the swings, climbing bars and everything else.

Head Start Coordinator Christy Suggs told the Journal, “We have about 90 kids here and with their parents and siblings joining in we should have 125 people or more.”  She explained it is an end of year celebration “and the first time we’ve been able to get out and have the kids enjoy the park with their parents.”

Police Chief Kevin Stafford was directing traffic or trying to point the running kids in the right direction.  Stafford said, “It’s a gift for the kids from the town.  We have some information for their parents and some gifts for the children.”

Parks Director for the town is Councilman Peter Drake who was enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the trees and watching the kids having a great time.  Drake said, “They called about using the town facilities.  I went to the Mayor, Police Chief and Town Council and we decided to let the children enjoy this day.”

The sounds of children running, yelling, and laughing came from every corner of the park.  Parents, teachers, and everyone else who had a part in the day in the park agreed it was a good day.

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