ETC… for Wednesday, May 19th

Clara Springs Baptist Camp said, “Mark your calendar! Friday, May 28th is our May Fourth Friday Fish Fry. Fairview Baptist Church will be helping us cook & serve that evening. We will begin serving at 5pm!”

Power Pink Spirit Day is tomorrow (May 20th) at Red River Elementary.  Students may wear a pink top and uniform bottom.

From Joni Riggs:  This week at school, we are having an AR store. I have taken the total amount of points each child earned this year and have given them AR bucks to spend at the store. I never dreamed I would get the blessing I got today from this little store. I had my first customer, he looked everything over, picked some things out to buy, and asked me if he could give the rest of his points to his younger sibling. I was blown away by this, but it got better. One by one, kids came in, spent some of their money, and then paid it forward to younger siblings or classmates that didn’t have that many points. I was already proud of their reading achievements, but nothing beats what I witnessed today. RA parents, you are raising some amazing little people. Keep it up!

Tomorrow (May 20) is the last day to purchase tickets and fill out non RRHS student guest form for the Red River High Prom.  Cost is $10.00 each.  You can purchase these before school and at lunch in the main office.  The Prom is May 21st 7:00pm.

The RA Class of 2021 was such a fun bunch that even their senior pranks were fun! Mrs. Amanda Shaver Cason arrived at school today to find her classroom transformed into a living room, with a “Christmas tree” topped with her Roomba at the center. A flag bearing the image of Dr. Hunter Brown was purchased (see pic) and was proudly flown today at school. They left Dr. Brown one final gift. Although he had dead bolted both of his classroom doors they managed to find their way in and left him a supply of gift cards to thank him for all he has done for them. However, there was a catch! Some of the cards were completely depleted, some amounts varied from$.68-$2.00, and some amounts were for the full value of the gift card. They left him a note to have fun calling the numbers or trying out the cards to see if they had any value. They’ve only been gone a day, and I miss them already.  Posted by Bethany Seales.

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