Riverdale Seniors Enjoy Send Off Parade

By Molly Seales

The Riverdale Academy seniors had their final day of high school on Friday, May 7th. That evening the 2nd Annual Riverdale Senior Send Off was held.  The seniors were lined up along the edge of the playground that was their home, for many of them, their entire 13 years of school. Family and friends decorated their vehicles and trailers and pulled through the parking lot to wish them well on their future endeavors.

Cheers were heard and horns were honking as the parade rolled through the parking lot.  The seniors were showered with gifts, confetti, and of course, silly string. Senior Tinley Ogden’s brother, Riverdale alum Trevyn Ogden, pounded her with darts from a nerf gun as he passed by.  Just when she thought the assault was over, her 3rd grade brother William McCoy popped out of the sunroom of their Nana’s vehicle for a second round of darts.

Recent Riverdale graduate Bailey Legrande ordered each senior a graduation cap car freshie from current sophomore Emily Kirkland, who has a Facebook business, Glam Scents.  Check her out for all of your car freshie needs!  Bailey was unable to attend, so the sophomore class gave the seniors their gift.  2020 graduate Tylar Bare rolled through just as the parade was ending. Tylar had only found out about the parade about an hour before, so he was unprepared for gifts.  He had $4.00 in his wallet, and he gave $1.00 each to his closest friends in the class of 2021.  Senior Matthew Seales said, “That dollar bill is my best graduation gift so far.  I’ve already ordered a frame for it.”

Throughout the past month, grades pre-k through 11th have been giving their adopted seniors gift.  Most classes presented their senior with their big gifts at school on Friday, and there were some very original ideas.  The 5th grade presented Austin Giddens with a “$130 dollar tie.” It was a necktie made out of the money.  The 9th grade presented Brennan Edie with an umbrella, which he said he really needed.  They had him open the umbrella, and money was dangling from the inside. A card that said, “….a little something for a rainy day,” was attached to the umbrella.

The Class of 2021 would like to thank all of the faculty, staff, students, and their families for making the end of their high school year so special.  They will graduate Thursday, May 13, in the Riverdale Academy gymnasium.

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