Train Wreck Blocks Highway 1

La 1 south of Armistead is expected to be blocked most of the day Sunday.  A train wreck at a crossing several miles south caused the stopped train cars to block the highway crossing just south of Armistead.  There were no injuries in the incident.

A State Police spokesman estimated that La 1 would be re-opened about sundown Sunday.  Sheriff Glen Edwards confirmed that there were no injuries and the train did not derail.  Edwards said a tractor-trailer was attempting to cross the tracks when it became hung on the crossing.  The driver saw the train coming and exited his vehicle.

Motorists on La 1 were detoured from Armstead on US 371 to I-49. Then they turn on La 174 and travel back to La 1 at Lake End.  Riverfront Road from the US 84 bridge to La 1 is also blocked by the accident.

The picture of the accident scene was furnished to The Journal by Virginia Webb.  Visible is considerable damage to the crossing light equipment at that intersection.  The accident Sunday is the second similar accident in recent years at that intersection.  Three other incidents in recent years have disrupted Union Pacific rail traffic and vehicle traffic on La 1. 

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