Red River Was Left Out

Governor John Bel Edwards is shouting with joy at all the federal money the state is getting from the Coronavirus Relief Act.  Most will go to transportation and other infrastructure projects. 

Red River and surrounding parishes got nothing.  According to a release from the Governor’s office the projects were selected from legislative and public input at hearings on the state’s Highway Priority Program.

(Editorial Note) The Journal drives on the same roads you do.  Aren’t Highway 1, US 71, and other state and federal roadways in this area aren’t in bad enough shape to fix?  What must be the condition of those projects that did make the list?

(Another Editorial Note) The news release indicates the state is going to allocate $11,000,000 to building charging stations for electric cars.  The editor questions this.  Did the government build gas stations when autos came along?  Or livery stables before that?  Is it government’s role to build facilities for electric cars or would this be better handled by private enterprise.  And lastly, how many miles of state roads could be resurfaced in our parish with that $11,000,000?

The file below has the complete release from the Governor.  It also has the list of projects they propose to fix and the amount they will spend on each.

To be a “Squeaky Wheel” and perhaps get some grease call State Representative Kenny Cox, State Representative Gabe Firment, and State Senator Louie Bernard.  They represent this area in the Legislature and there is a session going on right now.  Do they know your priorities?