Petting Zoo Comes to Head Start

This school year no off campus activities have been allowed due to the pandemic.  So if you can’t go to the farm you do the next best thing… Bring the Farm to you.   Intercession Fridays have been renamed Funtastic Fridays and are living up to the name.  Friday March 26th Red River Elementary Head Start PK3 and PK4 were treated to a mobile petting farm. 

The students had studied about farm animals and needed some up close and personal experience. Jubilee Zoo brought their mobile petting farm to the school. Children had the chance to pet a pony, donkey, sheep, goats, a tortoise, bunnies, a micro cow, and an alpaca. Squeals of excitement mixed with a few nervous cries were heard as the kids enjoyed themselves.  Teachers discussed with students the jobs on the farm, the things needed to care for the animals, and items we get from the animals. Children petting the animals, made friends with them, overcame some fears and talked about their favorite

animal of the day. 

The next Funtastic Friday event will have the children learning about plants, insects and planting a variety of items. We can’t wait to do this project. 

Story by Christy Suggs, Red River Parish Head Start Director