Baseball and Softball Teams Win in Local Tournaments

By Hayley Loe

The cold weather this weekend was not enough to stop the Red River Baseball and Softball teams during their tournaments.  Both teams came out victorious bringing in only wins, giving the fans something to cheer about in the stands over the course of 3 days. 

The Lady Bulldogs Softball played Ringgold with a 17-4 win.  Kaitlyn Antilley was 3-4 with 2 RBIs.  Gracie Price hit 2-2 with 2 RBIs.

The Lady Bulldogs then went on to play Pleasant Hill with a 13-2 win.  Elizabeth Hughes was 3-3 with 3 RBIs.  In the Jonesboro-Red River game, the Lady Bulldogs won 20-3 .  Shakiya Davis hit 3-3, with 2 RBI.

For the last game of the tournament the Lady Bulldogs defeated Lakeview with a 20-3 win.  Bryn Danzy pitched all 4 games during the tournament, giving the Bulldogs an amazing weekend for their season.

Coach Zach Thrasher went on to say ¨ The girls played an amazing weekend; we would like to send out a huge thank you to all of our parents and volunteers who helped make this tournament a huge success. Also appreciate all teams participating and showing amazing sportsmanship¨

At this point in their season the Lady Bulldogs are 12-3.  This sets up a chance at hosting their first playoff game in the school’s history.

The Bulldogs baseball team also picked up 4 wins during the Earl Martin Invitational tournament and 4 players were selected to the all-tournament team.  They are Tyler Hughes, Jaylen Grigg, Jonnie Maxie, and Ryder Hogan.

The Bulldogs blew Arcadia out in a 16-0 win.  Colton Massey pitched for the Bulldogs.  And they defeated Castor 15-0 win with Peirce Kellogg pitching.

The Bulldogs continued their reign of terror over Mansfield 16-6 and Saline 15-5. The Bulldogs have now Won 7 games in a row.  They are, 14-1 on the season and are top 6 in 2A.

For fans that did not attend the game, Coach Earl Martin threw the first pitch of the tournament kicking off the weekend of wins for the Bulldogs. RRHS added this to the tournament as well, ¨RRHS is honored to have Red River´s own Coach Earl Martin tossing out the first pitch to start the Earl Martin Baseball Tournament. Once a Bulldog always a Bulldog!”