An Animal Shelter For Red River Parish

A group of individuals in the area are trying to organize an animal shelter for Red River Parish.  The group spokesperson is Pam Chamberlin.  She took her case to the Red River Parish Police Jury this month.

Chamberlin told The Journal, “I believe it went well. I voiced our concerns and gave suggestions or ideas.  They were very receptive.”  Discussing the project with Chamberlin it became obvious that she and a couple of her supporters are just at the beginning.  She admits, “It is a long way to go, but it is a start.”

Chamberlin said, One of the jurors actually agreed and stated he had people in his district voice concerns also.  They are forming a committee to further discuss the possibility and decide what they are willing and able to do.”

To this point, the effort is growing out of a social media page called Lost, Found, and Abandoned Animals of Red River Parish, a public group with 599 members.  The page has been existence a number of years.  Each week there are pictures of several pets, mostly dogs, that are found abandoned in the parish.

Chamberlin spoke of a desire to find a location, construct a shelter (or remodel an existing structure), and staff it.  She also spoke of the desire to set up a non-profit to accept donations or apply for grants.  She is gathering information from other shelters in the area to put together a plan and proposed operating budget.  And Chamberlin plans to go back to the Police Jury in April with an update of her progress.

Many years ago the parish had an agreement with the Animal Shelter in DeSoto parish for them to come to the parish and help with the stray animal problem.  That agreement was abandoned after a short period of time.  Your editor recalls that the cost of operations because a prohibitive factor in that arrangement.