Boys Basketball Season Concludes

By Hayley Loe

As the Red River Bulldogs boys basketball season comes to a close after a loss on Tuesday, March 2nd. The journal wanted to get some insight into this season challenges and how the boys managed to overcome them. 

Coach Harris had this to say about the 2020-2021 basketball season. 

“This season was different on many levels. Due to Covid, we were restricted to have a true preseason that starts during the summer. Summer workouts are where you build team chemistry and work on the development of the athletes. Also, we only had about a month for everyone to learn a new system and the guys that played football learned on the fly. Given all of those factors, we still were able to manage having a successful season. Most will look at wins and losses, but the bigger picture is personal and team development and building a program that will thrive for the years to come. 

“We had a very tough schedule this season with playing 12 out of 18 regular season games versus teams that were ranked top 8 from Class B to Class 5A. I believe the guys finally understand the potential they have. Realizing they can compete with top-tier teams produces hunger and passion. The guys have been though the trenches this year and have learned how to fight through adversity which will contribute to success in the future seasons.”

Along with the ending of a very different season for the Bulldogs, Coach Harris also wanted to say a few things to the players leaving this season. 

“My seniors, Brandon Harris and Marcus Brewer, are very special athletes. We have learned a lot from each other. I’ve built relationships with these guys that will last forever. They are young men of great character and work ethic, and those tools are essential to becoming successful in life. Every day will be a test whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, but it’s not what we go through, it’s how we respond. Though I wish I could have them another year, I pray nothing but success comes their way. I will always be in your corner and “Coach Pooh” is only a call away.”