Vaccinations Given At Drive-Thru in Coushatta

Red River residents had the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday.  A drive-through tent was set up in the Rivertown Market parking lot.  A total of 46 people received their first shot on Thursday.

People eligible to receive the vaccine lined in their vehicles to get it.  The vaccination station was manned by members of the Louisiana National Guard and medical personnel from LSU Health in Shreveport.

The Journal talked with Jennifer Burris, the person in charge of the Coushatta event, from LSU Health.  Burris said this stop is part of an effort to bring the vaccine to people in rural areas of the state.  Appointments were made online and there was extra vaccine brought for walk-ups.

Burris said they were administering the Pfizer vaccine.  There will be a similar event in three weeks to administer the second injection in the series.  Burris said at that time there will be an opportunity for people who did not get it this time to begin the vaccination series.

Saturday there will be a mass vaccination event held in Bossier City at the Brookshires Grocery Center.  Burris said they will be administering the new Johnson and Johnson one-dose vaccine.  It will be the first time the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be available in this part of the state.