A Coach Reflects

By Dadrian Harris

As I sit in this gym after a tough loss and long trip home, there’s so much to reflect on. I could make excuses of why we didn’t win, but I’m a winner. Winners don’t make excuses; we get better. A lot of times we don’t want to face the hurt, but in order to grow, that is a PRIORITY. 

I’m extremely proud of my team and the growth starting from day one. Each of them have improved, and it has been very satisfying to see it happen firsthand.  

Most would say this and that should’ve been done, but until you’ve been in between the lines with us every day, you wouldn’t understand. They had to learn a completely new system with very little time. They took on the challenge and did the best they could do with all odds working against them. 

My seniors, Marcus Brewer & Brandon Harris, I couldn’t ask for better. You guys led this team and worked hard day in and day out. I’m very appreciative of that. Continue to keep your trust in GOD and remember that your character will follow you for the rest of your life. 

We WILL be back. Until next year…