Faith of a Cowgirl

By Hayley Loe

Saturday’s murky morning filled with fog and rain showers were not enough to stop the Red River Cowboy Church from performing its 7th annual Faith of a Cowgirl, Women’s Conference. Even before the service started the church was filled with laughter and music by Becky Kniffin greeting all who entered.  Though the churches numbers had fallen for this event due to COVID-19, it was still buzzing with excitement to give the news of the gospel to those in attendance. 

The church focused on giving the message that God is making everything new, which Kristie Moore said is a message that everyone could use in these trying times. Everyone has been struggling and we wanted to focus on making things new, because the sun has come out, and it’s a new day. 

LeAnn Hart, the speaker of the service hopes that the message reaches the women to the core and hopes that women come and don’t leave without receiving the lord. Her message mainly focused on what grace has erased and hopes to further help women receive the Lord in their lives. 

The Red River Cowboy Church plans to continue this service in hopes of reaching more women in the many years to come.