Congratulations to All Winners

The Journal congratulates everyone who won $100 in the recently concluded Christmas Holiday Giveaway.  Our winners are pictured with this story.  Above is the January first winner, Karen Freeman.  

It was a cold, breezy day when Karen was presented with a $50 gift card to Rivertown Market and a $50 gift card to York Chop.  But the chill couldn’t put a damper on Karen’s beautiful smile.

Our other winners were Bridget Denise Cole, Nelda Fields, Carl Frye, Lessonna Clark, Trinity Wood, Tina Durr, Lacresha Richmond, and our first winner Latosha Hopper. 

Each of them won a $50 gift card from the York Chop and a $50 gift card from Rivertown Market.  And everyone who entered got a complimentary email subscription to The Journal’s email distribution each Wednesday and Friday morning plus was included in our text message alerts before broadcasts of Red River and Riverdale athletic competitions.