Rapid Increase in Red River

The positivity percent in Red River parish is increasing rapidly.  That information from the Red River Parish Health Unit.  Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner told The Journal that our local numbers took a jump at Thanksgiving and the numbers for the Christmas and New Year holiday is not in yet.

Turner said she is getting information on the most recent two-week report.  She said the information is coming from Dr. Martha Whyte, the Region Seven Medical Director for the Louisiana Department of Health.  These numbers are higher than the latest numbers posted on the LDH website.

Turner said the positivity rate in the latest two-week sweep is 29% in the parish.  And she said for school age children the rate is 50%.  “Numbers are showing a steady increase,” said Turner.  She added, “We have got to take this thing seriously.”

Turner said, “On Monday there were 374 people hospitalized in northwest Louisiana with COVID-19.”  She did not want to speculate on what the positivity rate will show once the Christmas and New Year holiday data is in.

Meanwhile, the local health unit is offering flu shots.  They are available by appointment.  Call 932-4087.  Hours are 8:00 am until 4:30 pm weekdays.  Turner said they had not received the COVID-19 vaccine and she did not have any information on when they mat get it.

Turner said, “Have faith and protect the ones that you love. The numbers are real. Public Health is not here to scare or rule over you. We are here to inform and help you. We are told to Watch, Fight, and Pray! Everyone has their part to do.”