Bulldogs on All District Teams

Red River Parish Public Schools Athletics posted Congratulations to the Bulldog Football Players who were selected to the District 3-2A All District Football Teams.

Defensive Line 1st Team:
Marcus Brewer and Nate Mitchell
Defensive Line 2nd Team:
Leonard Mosley

Linebackers 1st Team:
Stanley Maxie and Cameron Keith

Linebackers 2nd Team:
Trent Griggs

Defensive Backs 1st Team:
Johnny Maxie

Defensive Backs 2nd Team:
Quintarius Lewis, Antron Williams and D’evin McDonald

Offensive Line 1st Team:
Ashanti Cole

Offensive Line 2nd Team:
Ronald Perkins, Timothy Thomas and Keegan King

Running Backs 1st Team:
Cameron Keith and Stanley Maxie

Wide Receivers 1st Team:
Brian Palmer and Johnny Maxie

Wide Receivers 2nd Team:
Marcus Brewer

Athlete 1st Team:
Zintavious Smith

Return Specialist:
Stanley Maxie

Kicker 1st Team:
Ryder Hogan 

Offensive Honorable Mentions:
Trenton Grigg and Jakyius Palmer