Would You Like $100?

What a silly question?  Of course you would like to win The Journal’s Christmas Holiday Giveaway.  Tina Durr was declared the winner last Friday.  She was presented with her gifts, a $50 gift certificate to Rivertown Market and a $50 gift card to York Chop.

Tina was overjoyed to get her gift cards.  Tina makes her rounds every day, come rain, sleet, snow or whatever the weather.  She runs a mail route and we caught up with her at the post office as she was packing the days packages and letters to deliver.

This is the Wednesday edition, so here is the Wednesday winner.  Congratulations to Trinity Wood.  She wins the $100 prize from The Journal, Rivertown Market and York Chop.

Here is the link to enter the contest:


Enter today, while you are thinking about it.  You could be the winner on Friday.

Everyone is a winner!  All will receive a complimentary subscription to the Red River Parish Journal’s email distribution, plus everyone will be put on the text message alert list to know when Journal Sports is broadcasting local sporting events.

Congrats to Trinity Wood.  You could be our next winner.