It’s Like a Pooper Scooper

By Pastor Randall Beeson

People ask me all the time, “How Red River Cowboy Church has so many Salvations and Baptisms?”

Let me show you this Pooper Scooper!

See this poop fork. It’s made up of several tines to create a working rake. If one tine breaks or is out of place the unit will not correctly work as it should. It may still be “ usable” but it won’t be pretty, it may still kinda work but it won’t work correctly. 

Imagine each tine is  something to do with a Church. 
One tine is The Prayer Room- prayer is a must!
One tine is The Band- Totally committed to lead us into Worship. 
One tine is The Kitchen Crew- Always ready to Prepare a Meal!
One tine is The Arena Team- Planning events for Outreach. 
One tine is the Children’s Dept- Teaching our Young Ones
One tine is The Welcoming Team- Always making Everyone feel Welcome. 
One tine is The Youth Dept- Training Young Christians
One tine is The Word of God- Taught and Preached
One tine is The Leadership- Godly Men and Women trusting in Jesus for the Answers. 

Lastly, but most important-The Handle represents Christ, that holds it all together!!

The point I’m trying to make is it takes a lot of individual pieces to make a great Church!! 

Come Visit with us! Get in the Fight of cleaning up the Mess the World is getting us into! We would love to have you!!