Changing the Culture at Red River Elementary

“I don’t like losing,” said new Red River Elementary Principal Mike Beck when The Journal met with him in his office last week.  Beck said, “We are bringing this school up.  Having a different mindset is the answer if we can get out of “F” status.”

Recent ratings by the state education department has not been good news for the elementary school.  Their rankings have been low, to which Beck comments, I know the status of this school has been “F” but I know that the students and teachers are not “F”.  Time will tell but from day one until now the culture of learning has changed.”

Beck had praise for his staff, including two new assistant principals he brought on board.  He said everyone has bought in to the idea that something needed to be changed.  “Our team supports teachers because teaching is different than the way it has ever been done before.  There is a lot of pressure on teachers and they’re stepping up.”

There was praise for his students and their parents.  Beck said, “I see negativity among parents disappearing.  The parents and kids are smiling when they arrive each day.  Even with the fear factor of COVID, we’re not worrying but moving on.”

The Journal asked, “Where do you go from here?”  Beck said, “We are still working on the mindset getting right.  I trust that kids can do what we ask them.  There is an underlying belief that kids cannot do certain things, but we need to challenge them to do it.  Get the culture right.  Positivity has got to be right to make improvements.”

Beck showed The Journal the new look of the lobby that greets parents and visitors.  And the festive tree and other Christmas decorations to get everyone into the spirit of the season.