Bulldog Victory Report

By Hayley Loe

Under Friday Nights the Red River Bulldogs planned to face their first round of playoffs against the Lakeview Gators. Friday, November 27th fans had a chance to see what exactly the Bulldogs have been working towards all season. 

At the top of the first quarter Brian Palmer #8 scored an amazing 36 yard touchdown followed by Ryder Hogan #36 completing an extra point, allowing the Bulldogs to be first on the scoreboard. 

Following that Camron Keith #3 scored a 6 yard touchdown along with another 22 yard touchdown later on. Jonnie Maxie #7 scored a 2 yard touchdown and Marcus Brewer #19 scored an 8 yard touchdown. Ryder Hogan also kicked extra points all throughout the game.

The last touchdown of the night was scored by Trey Smith #9 with a 9 yard touchdown bringing the bulldogs to an amazing win for 46-6 . 

The RRHS Bulldogs gave their fans exactly what they were looking for by overpowering their opponents with both offense and defense. With their win the Bulldogs will move on to the next round of playoffs against the Amite Warriors on Friday, December 4th.

If they win, the Bulldogs will move on to the third round of playoffs, against the Many Tigers.

Note:  The Red River – Amite game will be streamed live on the Red River Parish Journal’s YouTube channel.  The broadcast will begin about 6:45 Friday night.  There will be no tickets available at the game, so if you don’t have an advance ticket, join us and watch the game live.