ETC… For Wednesday, December 2nd

It’s never too late to say thank you.  So The Journal would like to thank our readers for enjoying each issue.  It is Thanksgiving.  The day has passed but not the season.  So THANK YOU from the Red River Parish Journal.

Journal Sports is beginning to cover high school basketball.  We will send text messages out just before each game.  The Journal sportscasters report strong teams all around.  Red River boys haven’t begun yet because of the football playoffs, however they have some outstanding talent on the boys team waiting to take the court.

Riverdale Academy started strong.  The new and expanded coaching staff of the boys and girls teams have an abundance of talent to work with.  So look for great things from the Rebels this winter.

Attention churches:  Send The Journal information on your children’s events, Christmas plays, celebrations, etc.  We’ll help you spread the word.