ETC… for Wednesday, November 25th

Early voting is now going on at the old fire station by the railroad.  There is only one item on the ballot, therefore turnout is light.  The latest information from the Secretary of State indicated that 83 people have voted in Red River Parish.  Only 18 came by to vote in person.  Early voting runs through Saturday, November 28th.

Thursday is the day we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a national holiday designed originally for giving thanks to God for his blessings on this country.  Thanksgiving goes back to the earliest settlers, many of whom came to the new world to escape religious persecution in Europe.  However you celebrate, take a few minutes to reflect how fortunate we are. 

Due to the holiday, the Journal will have an abbreviated issue on Friday.  Of course if there are major news developments that impact the parish, we will put out a special edition.  Otherwise, enjoy your day, eat too much, and forget about everything else for a while.