Local Students Take Part in 4-H U

This week members of the Red River 4-H Clubs took part in the annual 4-H University.  However they did it from the local 4-H office.  4-H U went virtual because of the COVID-19 virus. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the participants.  Bryce Hunt competed in the Insect ID contest. He was the last contestant to compete.

Elliot and Ellis Grant did a great job calling the football game in the sports broadcasting contest for 4-h U.  4-H Agent Jacque Fontenot said, “They did a good job.  They still have a lot to learn but they really improved even from Friday.  They didn’t have any down time at all, and the coach complimented them on their knowledge of football.  I’m proud of them and I hope they try again next year.  Rafe Suggs wants to do this contest with someone next year, also.  We can have two or three teams.”

Addison Bounds shows off her AMAZING talent in the “4-H Has Talent” contest during 4-H University this week.  Addison’s video is at the end of this article.