New Principal at Red River Elementary

The new Principal for the elementary school was introduced to the Red River Parish School Board on Thursday.  He is Mike Beck from Choudrant.

Superintendent Alison Hughes introduced Beck.  She said, “He was at an ‘F’ school in a prior assignment and he raised it up to an ‘A.’  He can walk into the elementary school without a large learning curve.”  Red River Elementary has shown progress on state tests in recent years, however it is still rated “D.”

Beck said, “I am super excited with the challenge at Red River Elementary.  I have been meeting the staff and getting to know them.  I am thankful for the support the board and school administration has given me.  You’ve been great.”

Beck told The Journal he has been with a statewide educational consulting firm for the past two years.  Before that he was with the school at Jonesboro-Hodge in Jackson parish.

Also during the school board meeting Thursday, Superintendent Hughes discussed with the board various plans they are formulating for educating students next school year.  The Journal will have an in-depth look at those plans in next Wednesday’s edition.

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