ETC… for Wednesday, May 27th

The COVID-19 virus is still with us, and more and more tests are being done of Red River residents.  Fortunately the number of deaths in the parish has held steady at 6 for over a week.  The total number of confirmed cases is at 48.

Red River High is reminding students who have textbooks, AP workbooks, class novels, library books, JROTC uniforms etc. or anything else that needs to be turned into the school can bring them Monday-Thursday between 8-3 pm. Please get these materials turned in ASAP. We ask only 1 person get out of the car and buzz the front door, then someone will then come to the door to collect these items. Seniors all these items must be returned before graduation in order to receive your diploma.

Springtime is snake time in this area.  Woodlands, farmland, and in your own back yard is where you will find them.  Some are beneficial and some are harmful.  There are several varieties of poisonous snakes in this area, most in the viper class. 

Below is what I found behind The Journal office.  The snake on the left is a copperhead (minus head) and the one on the right is a black with green spots King Snake.  Notice he is swallowing a small, unfortunate, snake.

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  1. Went to Dairy Queen today (Thursday) no one had on mask or gloves. Isn’t it a requirement from CDC to al least wear the mask.

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