Red River Census Response Trails the State

The response to the 2020 Census by citizens in Red River Parish trails the rest of Louisiana.  At present the parish response rate is 38.1%.  The national response rate is 59.6% and Louisiana’s overall response rate is at 53.9%.

This information was supplied by M’Lissa Harkins Smith, Census partnership specialist in North Louisiana.  Harkins works in the North Louisiana Census office in Shreveport.  Smith is originally from Natchitoches.

Here is the current situation:

National Response Rate: 59.6%

Louisiana Response Rate: 53.9%

Red River Parish Response Rate: 38.1%

Coushatta: 48.0%

Edgefield: 46.7%

Hall Summit: 17.8%

Martin: 47.0%

This week the census takers started going out to deliver census packets in rural areas.  The packets have a code so that people won’t be double-counted.  The code corelates to the person’s physical address, and not a post office box.   Census workers are beginning the process of going out to all rural areas in Louisiana to get an accurate census count.

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