What Are Furloughed Students Doing?

By Hayley Loe

Many of Red River High School’s students have been affected by the school wide shut down in Louisiana. With this shutdown many students were excited at first because they saw this as a chance to get a long break from school. However many of the activities that the students liked doing outside of school were also shut down due to COVID-19 along with the stay at home order being mandated across the state.

Freshman students at the high school are missing their first year of high school experience along with their freshman year of sports. However many of these don’t mind the break but find themselves with nothing to do with the stay at home order in place.

The Sophomores of the high school missed their ACT testing on the 17th of March which will be rescheduled at a later date and some missed their 2nd year of sports. Many sophomores had planned to hang out with friends and go places during the time that they were out but now they are forced to stay at home away from friends.

The Junior class of the high school was affected also by losing their ACT test on March 17th. Many of this class had the same plan as the sophomores along with some of them graduating early and missing their last year of high school.

The Seniors class at the high school was affected the most out of the students. The seniors lost their last year of high school, sports, and prom. They may even have a delayed graduation due to the virus spreading through the state. Most of the seniors had the same plans as sophomores and juniors. Students are set to go back to the high school on 13th of April after leaving Thursday for their March break.

However students were sent a packet which included information about the 2020 census, their report cards and some learning martials. Students taking AP classes were sent packets to prepare them for the AP test that were not cancelled even with the virus affecting classes.

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