Residents Pray for First COVID-19 Victim in Red River

Late Wednesday night The Journal informed you that a lady in our parish had been diagnosed by her physician with the COVID-19 virus.  Her husband asked The Journal to pass along his plea to friends and fellow believers to pray for her.

You did it.  Response to our article was positive with folks from all over the area commenting that they were praying for Nancy Spears.

On Thursday Wayne Spears posted, “Report on Nancy Spears – I have been getting a lot of request on Nancy’s updated condition. I have tried to answer them on a personal level but there are too many for me to handle so I have resorted to Facebook. Nancy’s oxygen level is still low although she is on oxygen. Her cough is no better. It is a wait and see game at this point. Continue praying…”

Also on Thursday the Baptist Message posted a request for the church to pray:

Urgent prayers have been requested by the family of Nancy Spears, a member of Fairview Baptist Church in Fairview Alpha, who has tested positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Spears’ husband, Wayne Spears, is a former Louisiana Baptist pastor and serves as CEO of Abbie Lane Retreat Ministry in Coushatta, a non-denominational 80-acre retreat facility for ministers and their wives.

According to Wayne Spears, his wife fell ill 9-10 days ago. Her symptoms worsened over time and she was admitted to the emergency room at Highland Hospital in Shreveport on Sunday, March 22.

Wayne Spears has posted updates on his Facebook page, which has been flooded with posts from others offering prayers and encouragement for the family. The couple is quarantined for 14 days, beginning Tuesday, March 24. Nancy Spears is still at Highland Hospital while her husband is at their home.

“Her physical condition was so weak going into this, for her to make it will be the result of prayer and God’s grace,” Spears told the Baptist Message. “I am probably positive because I have been with her constantly.  However, I cannot be tested until I have symptoms, coughing and fever.”

Wayne Spears noted that the family has received encouragement from those who developed relationships with them at Abbie Lane Retreat Ministry and during the time he served as a pastor for more than 40 years. Previously he served as pastor of Verda Baptist Church, Morningside Baptist Church, Shreveport, and Fairmont Park Baptist in La Porte, Texas.

“I am praying that these prayers and God’s grace will once again show the world that God is God and He is in charge, even in times such as these,” he said.

Their pastor, Matt Endris, said his members have reached out to offer prayers and support for the family.

“Wayne and Nancy need your support through prayer,” Endris said. “They truly are faithful servants in the family of God and to the family of God. A great way to pray for Nancy is that God will use this time to bring glory to Himself.

“We need to pray for her health to be restored and for many lost people to come to faith in Christ as they see God’s great grace and power revealed in Nancy’s life,” he continues. “We need to pray for Wayne to remain healthy and that God will give him opportunity to share his faith in Christ through this time. Let’s love the Spears’ through our prayers for them.”

You may post your prayers and send messages via Wayne Spears Facebook page.

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