Learning About Agriculture

The Seed Survivor interactive trailer came to Riverdale Academy on February 28th.  The Journal caught up with students learning from the demonstrations and hands-on challenges.

Katie Williamson brought her fifth graders and Brenda Rushing brought her sixth grade class.  While one explored the VR and interactive activities inside the van, the other group got their hands dirty.  They sorted dirt to extract fossils.  Some planted Sunflower seeds and learned how to water and expose them to light so that they would sprout.

The first question to the combined group was where does food come from.  The answer is Agriculture, growing plants and animals.  Then on to instructions on keeping the soil healthy so crops will make the maximum yield.

It was a great series of presentations.  They were geared at a level that informed and challenged the youngsters.  The students and this reporter were surprised when a chart was presented concerning use of the earth’s surface.  Everyone knows that most of the planet is covered with water.  But it was a little surprising that as each slice of the pie representing some use other than agriculture was carved away, all that was left of the surface of the Earth to grow food is three percent.  That three percent is able to feed 100% of the planet.

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